The Nautical Lavender Bag is the perfect travel gift. Add a keyring or clasp for every day use, letting the lovely aroma of lavender keep you calm when travelling. It is designed using our very own Aqua By Design fabric; beautifully designed bold graphics then printed onto organic cotton, giving art on a lavender bag. Beautiful scenes of boats or lighthouses are on one side, with a matching ditzy or strip on the other.  There is a ribbon tie to hang your nautical lavender bag on a hook, cabinet knob or even in your car. Or you can request a keyring or clasp in addition to the ribbon so you can use as a keyring or bag charm

Manufacturer: Aqua By Design

Manufactured: Made in the UK

Fabric: Organic Cotton

Product: Nautical Lavender Bag, with English lavender and filling, plus a ribbon tie. Add a keyring or clasp as an optional extra.